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    I hope you enjoy listening to and playing my compositions as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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    Raised in South Africa, matured in London and now living in the North Texas city of Arlington.


    I've written songs since I was a teenager, but recently I discovered a passion for composing instrumental pieces for the piano.


    Good question! Sometimes I sit down at the piano and nothing happens, and other times something beautiful comes out. So I keep on sitting at the piano because I never know where it might take me.


    That's my picture up top! I'm also a husband to my wife Lindsay, a father to my two sons Louis and Leo, and a son to my two wonderful parents.

  • Highveld

    The Music


    Highveld is the artist under which my instrumental compositions are recorded.


    For my most recent project Highveld consisted of Evan Mitchell playing the piano, Thomas Ragozzino did the recording and engineering at Distinctly Different, and Ben Napier on mastering at Green Audio Productions.


    Haley Woodrow also helped out with the transcriptions and some arranging as well.


    The Highveld is where I grew up.


    It's an internal region in South Africa with an altitude above 1500m (5000ft), and it has crisp, dry and thin air.


    Growing up I knew I lived on the Highveld because the only radio station my parents listened to was called Radio Highveld.


  • Volume 1

    Available to listen to here:

  • Sheet Music

    Available for purchase from Sheet Music Plus


    Out West

    Looking Back


    Balloon Waltz

    'n Afrikaanse Liedjie

    Standing on a Bridge Looking at a Moonlit River


    Mary Had A Little Lamb

    The Sea

    Leo's Song

    Your Eyes

    Hotel Lounge


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